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wally wood’s 22 panels

OK, if you aren't comics-geeky enough to have read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, this probably won't be all that distracting. OTOH, if you are comics-geeky enough to know and care about McCloud's magnum opus, the following may...

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ancient wonder and modern mediocrity

Writing in The Observer for 20th August 2006, Helena Smith opens an article on the Antikythera mechanism by writing that 102 years after the discovery of the calcium-encrusted bronze mechanism on the ocean floor, hidden inscriptions show that it is...

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web two: money made easy

With the Web 2.1 upgrade rolled out, it's surely time for everyone to climb on board this new wonder and drive it until the axles hit the dirt. And, to help us along, there are now some excellent Web 2.0...

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