web two: money made easy

With the Web 2.1 upgrade rolled out, it’s surely time for everyone to climb on board this new wonder and drive it until the axles hit the dirt.

And, to help us along, there are now some excellent Web 2.0 compliant tools ready for use.

First, Andrew Woolridge’s automatic Web 2.0 company creator. Just visit the page and you’ll have a company name and product.

Second, Alex P’s Web 2.0 Logo Creator, complete with obligatory Beta star overlapping the right-hand edge of the logo.

Third, Paulo Ordoveza’s marketing brochure creation tool. Like Woolridge’s company creator, you only need visit this page and you’ll have a dozen compelling sentences, formatted and ready to insert into your PowerPoint slides.

Fourth, and finally, there’s the all-important sub-title for your company. Just as with almost all book-length non-fiction, a Web 2.0 company needs a name, a ‘:’ (colon), and a sub-title.

And the perfect Web 2.0 tool for creating this is Stavros the Wonder Chicken’s Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator.

With all this heady Web 2.0 goodness freely available to any budding entrepreneur, it’s a wonder anyone bothers making anything useful that you can charge money for.

Far better to spin a tale; get a pile of venture capital to burn through in eighteen months on pointless, adolescent creature comforts build something half-arsed and barely-alpha-quality; and then sell it to whichever giant web-services company is looking to undo its corporate blindness two years from now.

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  1. non-standard deviation » actual, interesting info from web-two-centric sources; no, really said,

    October 7, 2006 at 13:15

    […] In this site’s so far short and intermittent life, I’ve made the necessary snarky and ironic comments regarding web 2.0. […]

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