pluto and cthulhu: together at last

John Scalzi, novelist, blogger and all-round interesting guy, was made

> almost ridiculously happy

by the unanimous recommendation of a panel appointed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

> that Pluto retain its title as a planet.

Which led Scott Westerfield, novelist, blogger and all-round interesting guy, to suggest (in the comments section of the above-referenced page):

> Pluto sucks. The "international panel" sucks. You suck.

Which lead Scalzi to spend precious time -- that could have been used finishing his forthcoming novel, The Android's Dream -- filming his 7-year-old daughter being funny, cute and just a little bit disturbing.

The film is a 7 Mb flash file, so it'll take a while to download if you're on a dial-up connection. But it's worth the wait.

And yes, before anyone asks, this blog post is a deadline avoidance post. It probably took me less time to put together than it took Scalzi to produce his little film.

OTOH, my deadline's closer and my project's smaller. So I'm probably wasting as much time, proportionally speaking.

Author: Brian Forte