even real work leads to distraction

My third how to write good documentation column is out.

And, while it was real work for me, I crammed a fair swag of background that's only really of use for impressing your mates at parties. (Always assuming your mates are impressed by a smattering of knowledge about the Hanoverians and their impact on the English language.)

Anyway, the column goes on and on about Kings, conquerers, invasions and class divides. Oh, and the intricacies of using the indefinite article correctly.

Best of all, there's already real comments and those comments come with links.

Which means I was able to waste spend quality time this morning discovering yet more avenues of distraction.

Consequently my 'place to go instead of doing actual work' for today is Paul Frields Grand Fallacy, an active personal blog with interesting stuff (like this account of the barriers open source tools can impose on non-Anglophones) and pointers to other interesting stuff (like the Mooninites).

Quick side-note: as of 2007/02/27, this particular Paul Frields is the king of Google so far as his name is concerned.

Small problem: Paul's Next Page and Previous Page links aren't working as I type this. They have the form:


Where 'x' and 'y' are numbers

They need to be of the form


to work.

I suspect a glitch in Paul's .htaccess file is the culprit but it's not that difficult to work around for the moment: just delete the ~paul/wordpress string from any paul.frields.org URLs before heading off to visit a new page.

Author: Brian Forte